Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spark and Inspire: You have the Idea You just Need a Little Help

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The quest to run a successful business seems at first glance something

you have to take on solo. And at the beginning that might need to
happen. The details of how your vision comes forth has to be done in
the heart first and then, once you take the leap, you can bring in
trusted guides to cheer you on, give you straight talk, share in the
burden of the hard work and the uncertainties.

Sometimes, you may not have a community of people around you who
are passionate about a vision, have no desire to jump into the deep end
and create a business. And for a time this will be OK. Again it helps to
challenge how high your commitment level is for this idea you may
have been kicking around for awhile.


When you have finally set your course


When you have been smack dab in the middle of this idea of yours and
really want to hear from those who have felt the victories and the
disappointments of taking such a brave leap, community and inside
advice with no expectations or strings attached… well you need it.

Within these pages you will find the voices of over 40 creative
entrepreneurs who run their businesses both online and in brick and
mortar stores, who run workshops and sell in shows, who have a range
of experiences and have been in business from 1 year to more than 25
years and who offer you no nonsense information on their processes
and how they have been able to keep moving in tough economic times
and how they have found a way to let good ideas go when the money
was not in line with the dream. We are talking on a range of topics
from collaborations to big leaps that did (and did not) come together as
planned. We are talking about how to get at the soul of your business
and how to stay excited about the work you offer the world.

30 days worth of questions that you can take and use as a
30 day diagnostic for your idea, vision or business.

THIS IS What the book Spark and Inspire is all about

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