Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Faith and Creativity: Maybe It's Time that You Got a Hobby

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Day 3:
Over the next few days, I came up with this idea that I needed a hobby.  I went to a retail chain craft store in my area and roamed up and down the aisles.  My eyes fell upon this children’s make a crocheted scarf  kit and suddenly remembered that my mom taught me some basic crochet stitches when I was a little girl.  And so I purchased it.  Four MONTHS later I completed the scarf.  Can anyone attest to the FACT that trying something new is hard? 

I was so proud of myself!  And I began to crochet another scarf.  In the midst of this, I reconnected with a former coworker who wanted to tap more into her background as an artist so we decided to meet on a regular basis.  And every week, I would make a scarf. 

Once I mastered the pattern I was using, I bought a book on making hats and took a class to help with reading a pattern (yeah I am still kind of hesitant when it comes to reading a pattern!).  And one day…I got my first visit from the “muse.”

I had a vision for a tote bag.  Now I do not know how to sew.  I could only partially understand the pattern that I came across that was similar to this idea that at this point was simply a flash of a picture in my head.  But I kept going.  Could I do it? 
18 hours later (not all in one sitting!): SUCCESS! Crazy, validating, euphoric, calming.
A new connection with God had begun.  Soon I began to think more about God as creator.  I began to consider how I might be creative just like HIM.

 Time to Ponder...

This weeks verse: You know me inside and out, you know every bone in my body.  You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit, how I was sculpted from nothing into something.”  Psalm 139:15
1. Spend some time thinking about how this verse is penetrating your life at this time.

1.     What do think about this idea of “the muse”?  How does it display itself in a Christian’s life?


2.     Have you had a “muse” experience?  Is it a recent experience? Is it a regular experience? If this has not happened to you before, do you believe it is possible?  Is it possible for you?

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