Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Time to Give Yourself a Life Makeover

I woke up the other day and | realized I was a bit tired of.. me. 

We tend to get into a rut about how we view things, talk about our lives, worry about our future.  

I decided that today I would do things differently. Just for a day.  I got up that morning and decided absolutely no internet.  Then I sat down on my couch and watched 3 television shows in a row without guilt that there was laundry to do or any other pressing chore within arms reach. Then I went to the coffee shop and had a pastry without any thought of calorie count.  I went home and went through my closet and gave away things that I just did not want to talk myself into wearing anymore.  Then I took a look n the mirror and cut some bangs in my hair and I wore my makeup a different way.  Finally when I felt tired I just went to bed .   

Now I will admit this was one of those rare days when I did not have to be anywhere and my little one was being cared for by my spouse which, to be honest, is actually part of my makeover day.  I gave myself permission to be by myself without feeling guilty of not taking advantage of family time.  

The next day I felt a little shift.  I gave myself permission to stop expecting to accomplish so much in a day.

Action Moment:
Do you need to give your life a mini makeover? If so, what would you do that day?  What would you wear?  What would you eat?  Who would you connect with?  Pick the day and relish the time.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Do you Go About Setting Goals?

 How to set joy filled goals?

love justice...

seek mercy...

walk humbly with God...

Many times we set our goals based on success. 

How do you perceive success? 

This is an important question.  Because when you really sit down and take some time to think about how you define success, you might begin to hear whispers that run counter to what others around you are reaching for.  For me success is surrounding myself with people and activities that exude peace, nurturing, joy

Action Moment:
When do you feel the most successful?  What people in your life cause you to feel successful?  What about those relationships warm that validation?

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What we need Is more Creative People in the World

Creativity is a great motivator because it makes people interested in what they are doing.  Creativity gives hope that there will be a worthwhile idea.  Creativity gives the possibility of some sort of achievement to everyone.  Creativity makes life fun and more interesting.

-Edward de Bono

Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Time to Make the Decision to Impact your Surroundings

 Who controls you?

A few months back I COULD FEEL the stress mounting in the office I work in.  We were in the middle of tax season and we were all over worked and tired and attempting to keep a good attitude with each other and a sense of humor about the amount of work that needs to be done.  But each of us at any given time are waiting for the other shoe to drop.  This only works as long as we each are not given one more thing to do.  

Well you know what happened.  Something needed to be done and someone got assigned the task and the emotions flew and the mood shifted and the tense silent set in.  These are the moments where finding joy has to be intentional.  Time for a time out. Yep I think this should be mandatory for us grownups.  Take the walk. Hold the tongue.  Breathe a few deep breaths.  A little mental distance from the stress.  More times than not intentional joy causes the tense situation to be kept in proper perspective: temporary.

Action Moment:
Look for a time this week that you can take a time out and (a) see how that feels for you in the moment when you make that choice (b) be more mindful of the heart shift you feel when take those few moments to breathe

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How Do You Grow More Hope in your Life?

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties
-Erich Fromm

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Creativity as Nourishment for Your Soul and Your Spirit

"In order to communicate the message entrusted to us by Christ, the Church needs art.  Art has a unique capacity to take one or another facet of the message and translate it into colors, shapes, and sounds that nourish the intuition of those who look and listen"

- Pope John Paul II