Tuesday, August 22, 2023

5 THINGS: Matisse, Chisholm, David Shrigley, Austin Kleon and Gonzalez Alvarez


"Weird, funny, abject, wise, silly, savage, moral, and engaging."―The Independent (London)

By turns hilarious, satirical, and brilliant, David Shrigley's full-page illustrations―a combination of drawing, comics, photography, and sculpture―are sui generis: uproariously funny, pleasantly unnerving, and, most of all, really, really cool. Neither "graphic novel" nor "art book," What the Hell Are You Doing? celebrates the surreal world of the artist who created Ants Have Sex in Your Beer and To Make the Meringue You Must Beat the Egg Whites Until They Look Like This―the man Dave Eggers calls "probably the funniest gallery-type artist who ever lived." Four-color illustrations throughout.


 "Dance" by Henri Matisse


 Fighting Shirley Chisholm

“Fighting” Shirley Chisholm didn’t want to be known solely as the first African-American woman in U.S. Congress and to run for the Democratic nomination for the presidency. Cristen and Caroline detail the inspiring, heart-wrenching biography and legacy of this Brooklyn educator ahead of her time.  

Think of it as a daily course in creativity: a portable workshop and coursebook, jammed full of inspiration, prompts, quotes, and exercises designed to turn you into a creative kleptomaniac. The journal has an elastic band for place-marking and a special pocket in the back — a “swipe file” to store bits and pieces of inspiration. Because if you want to steal like an artist, you need a place to keep your loot…



Monday, August 21, 2023

PODCAST MONDAYS: Dani Shapiro on the Perils of a Creative Life


 I have loved Ms. Shapiro's writing style as well as her insight into connections with ourselves and with others.  I hope you find value in the work she does as well.  If this is your first time hearing of you,  be prepared to enjoy an incredible body of work.






Sunday, August 20, 2023

PODCAST MONDAYS: Erik Wahl Helps you Unleash Your Creative Genius


After graduating from University of San Diego with a bachelor's degree in business, Wahl became a partner at a corporate firm. He was there for eight years before losing his job during the dot.com bubble burst in the early 2000s.At the age of 30, Wahl decided to change his focus to art. He later founded his own company, The Wahl Group, with his wife Tasha Wahl. 

Wahl began working as a motivational speaker and graffiti artist rather than returning to the corporate world. After a few years of painting and selling his work to buyers, Wahl decided to stop selling his art and instead only auction off his paintings for charities.


 In the tradition of A Whole New Mind and The War of Art, graffiti artist and corporate thought leader, Erik Wahl explores the power of creativity to achieve superior performance.



Saturday, August 19, 2023

Want more Joy? Day 1 The Ways We Begin to See God


 Did you know that joy opens you up to a clearer vision for how God is working in the world?

2013 was the year I sat down and decided that I wanted more joy in my life.  I have been toiling since 2008 trying to find my place in the world now that the old labels no longer fit. I grew intolerant of contributing to the consumer society. I could not bring myself to sell one more thing that did not align with God equipping us to love more, care about others and take more action our lives.

The little gem in looking for more joy is that I gathered more peace.

With peace I was able to live more patiently. As I lived more patiently I felt my kindness muscle developing more. And the kindness helped my eyes to drift toward the good in people.

 As I was reminded that people desire more joy and may be simply stuck in sadness, it prompted me to have more self control in my responses when I encountered less than joy filled people.

 As I developed self control, I started to see God's faithfulness not only to me but to the world as he caused relationships and circumstances to come together at the just the right time.

So I understand what a leap you will need to take with me as I say that as you develop more joy you will develop a deeper vision of how your life should be. Take the leap.

Take a moment...

What is Your Response? 




Friday, August 18, 2023

5 THINGS: Al Green, Kimmy Schmidt, Mary Oliver, bEN e. kING, Ryan McHenry


Has it been awhile since you listened to some Al Green? CLICK HERE


My "The Office" series love has extended to THIS SHOW


 Beautiful poetry from Mary Oliver

 Soulful something by the Amazing Ben E. King: CLICK HERE


  Have you heard of Ryan McHenry? He has a connection with Ryan Gosling!


Thursday, August 17, 2023

Want More Joy Day 2: The Correlation Between Joy and Contentment


"Joy means the perfect fulfillment of that which I was created...

not the successful doing of a thing"

-Oswald Chambers

 Initially I think we all buy into the idea that we can become whatever it is we want to be. We set our sight on something that feels important or equates to what success looks like. We strive and pursue this goal with all our energy and we make it to the finish line. We acquire the degree. We buy in a little more and attain that second degree. Then we move on to certifications. Now that those are stockpiled, where is the golden ticket of joy?

These accomplishments many times are just little illusions spinning in the wind that, unless we are able to really bring them together in light of what we are created to be, start to feel downright oppressive.

NOW what are you going to do?

You spent all that money on your future, drowning in student loans and you decided you are best fit for running a catering business? You want to work with the homeless? That is not very lucrative you know.

What will your family think? Your friends? Can you really get past the guilt of all the investment you put into that 'other thing?'

Joy. Where does it come from? It seems to me that it comes from a place of contentment. Even if the title or the label does not align with the degrees and the certifications, you have to decide what you can do to bring yourself into alignment with what you are created to do.

And that takes courage. It takes determination. And it takes acceptance that the 'thing' you were once going for really is NOT the thing 


Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Give me Joy Day 3: If Joy is the Essence of Life Why is it so Hard to Define?


If Joy is the Essence of Life Why is it so Hard to Define?

The word Joy has been showing up in little ways in my life since the beginning of the year. What is joy? Why is it necessary? Joy seems to me to be the essence of life. The outcome of things you are

hoping for but have not accomplished yet. The way you manage your anxiety and your impatience until you fully accomplish what you are working toward.

Joy. The whispering of the word brings a smile to my heart. I want more joy. I want the byproducts of joy: peace, contentment, a settling in.

How do you define joy?

What brings you joy?

What is the value of joy?

These are some of the questions I want to explore -won't you join me?


Experiencing more Joy: Can 15 Minutes Make a Difference?

 Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.


Psalm 33:3

God, the world gets so overwhelming with its demands

My life is filled with things that I 'must do'

Oh Lord as much as I would want more time with you

I feel so discouraged that even a few minutes wouldn't make difference.

 Holy Spirit, have mercy on me and help me to see where you are whispering

time into my life that I may be missing.

Help me to find space because I really truly want to God thank you for blessing me with the desire to be near you and a willing heart to be near you


Can 15 minutes make a difference?

You decide that you want to make a change in your life.

The problem is you do not have a ton of time to commit to the change.

Are you someone that has an all or nothing mantra when approaching change?

With lives as busy as many of us lead (or should I say are restricted by) it isn't realistic to go about making changes in your life contingent on an abundant amount of time opening up.

You want a flatter stomach? It starts with 100 sit ups. 

Can you find the time to do 100 sit ups every day?

IN other words, what can you commit to that is realistic?

Same thing with bringing more joy into your life.

It starts with one little decision.

Something you can do on a consistent basis for about... Let's say 15 minutes.

Ride a bike

Go for a walk

Read a poem

Sit quietly and pray.

The key is to start.

Joy in Action Moment:What is the change you are going to make into your life starting in 15

minute increments?