Thursday, January 24, 2013

You Know that Thing you have be striving for? How is it going?

"joy means the perfect fulfillment of that which I was created... 
not the successful doing of a thing" 
-Oswald Chambers

Initially I think we all buy into the idea that we can become whatever it is we want to be.  We set our sight on something that feels important or equates to what success looks like.  We strive and pursue this goal with all our energy and we make it to the finish line.  We acquire the degree.  We buy in a little more and attain that second degree.  Then we move on to certifications.  Now that those are stockpiled, where is the golden ticket of joy?

These accomplishments many times are just little illusions spinning in the wind that, unless we are able to really bring them together in light of what we are created to be, start to feel downright oppressive.  NOW what are you going to do? You spent all that money on your future, drowning in student loans and you decided you are best fit for running a catering business? You want to work with the homeless? That is not very lucrative you know.  What will your family think? Your friends?  Can you really get past the guilt of all the investment you put into that 'other thing?'

Joy.  Where does it come from?  It seems to me that it comes from a place of contentment.  Even if the title or the label do not align with the degrees and the certifications, you have to decide what you can do to bring yourself into alignment with what you are created to do. And that takes courage. It take determination. And it takes acceptance that the 'thing' you were going for really is NOT the thing

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