Friday, February 1, 2013

Creative Habit Rule #1 - Why Socializing and Finding Your Creative Voice Do Not Fit Together

I  have noticed that there is always something that needs to be done. Important things. Not so important things.  For others or for yourself.  Your home needs to be cleaned.  Your budget needs to be handled.  Working.  Caring for family. Friendships.  Where will you find time for your creative habit?

One place to look for time is in the down time.  Look at what you are doing in the down moments.  The ten minutes here, 15 minutes over there.  Waiting in a doctor's office or sitting in your break room at work.  What are you doing?  Chatting about the latest gossip?  Checking your phone for texts?  Checking facebook?  

These are the times EVEN IF YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE IT, that you take out your sketch pad, jot down new ideas for a story, take out your watercolor pencils and just do a little.  Just a little.  The little bits and spaces not only fuel your soul but they really do add up.  

I actually started doing this a month ago.  I carry my watercolor pencils with me and during my down time in between calls (I work in a call center)  I bring a little bit of joy into my cubicle.  By the end of the month I had completed over 15 pieces (like the one you see above.)

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