Saturday, January 1, 2022

Give Me Joy Day 24: Who do you allow to Influence you?


The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.


Psalm 126:3


God surround me with people

who live in state of joy and gratitude

for the lives you have given them.



I know that I will dwell in places that those people around me dwell…



whether it be

joy and gratitude


bitterness and unforgiveness.



Help me to lovingly release people who


to live

in an unforgiving state of mind.



Help me to

look for


cultivate relationships with people

who are joy seekers.




I want a life that in drenched in the joy of your presence.



I know that in Your presence

I am promised






Joy is a state of mind.


The mind holds this tremendous power to navigate the way you

experience your daily life.

Your life is controlled by the thoughts you think.

I do not believe that we can merely wish things into existence.

I do believe that the things that we dwell on can either open or close



our minds and our hearts to further opportunities for more success in



our lives.

I also believe that what others impose upon us can hold a similar





Joy in Action Moment:


Imagine walking into a situation where you are made to feel inferior. It

could a classroom or the workplace or even in your own family. You

know without a doubt that what the circumstance is feeding to your

brain is not true.


And one day you are finally out of that environment.


AND you actually move into a situation with people who recognize

your value.


How do you respond? Does your mind start to second guess the

correct assessment of your value? Why? How do you make the

decision to believe the truth?



Your Response:


Are you interested in creating a heart centered business?


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