Monday, January 3, 2022

Give Me Joy Day 26: You Know that Thing you have be striving for? How is it going?





A change in mindset -either how people view us or how we view

ourselves -is a process. It takes a ton of energy and support and

repetition to truly cause a significant shift in perspective.


I know it is not easy. I know many times the work you are doing to

create change will seem too difficult. But keep going and be gentle

about the time line. Many times deep inner work takes a while to

bloom on the surface. But the results are long lasting and the depth

of wisdom you will bring to new challenges in your life is priceless.



Joy in Action Moment:

Mark 8:24 -I see men like trees...

Read the healing story in Mark 8 and write about the process of

feeling more joy in your life.



Your Response:


Are you interested in creating a heart centered business?


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