Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Give Me Joy Day 20: Time to Give Yourself a Life Makeover


Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.


Psalm 51:12


God, I want my life to look and feel as glorious as the world I see around me.


 Fill me with faith building adventures, and lovely relationships, and tender

moments and tons of wonder.



You cause me to look at the sky and remind me of how vast the universe is.



You tell me to notice the trees…



the strong oaks and the evergreens



… and remind me of your strength.



You let me see the intensity of a rainstorm and massive winds and remind me

of the power and the might that you show to the world suddenly

and without any sense of our timelines.



Holy and Awe filled God, bring back the sense of joy in the unexpected

…even when I can't understand what you are doing in my life.



You have been so faithful to cause all things to work together for my good.



Help me to be a little less hesitant and a little more willing to move toward

the new things you may want to begin in my life


I woke up the other day and | realized I was a bit tired of... me.


We tend to get into a rut about how we view things, talk about our

lives, worry about our future.


I decided that today I would do things differently. Just for a day. I

got up that morning and decided absolutely no internet surfing.


Then I sat down on my couch and watched 3 television shows in a row

without guilt that there was laundry to do or any other pressing chore

within arms reach.


Then I went to the coffee shop and had a pastry without any thought

of calorie count.


I went home and went through my closet and gave away things that I

just did not want to talk myself into wearing anymore.


Then I took a look n the mirror and cut some bangs in my hair and I

wore my makeup a different way. Finally when I felt tired I just went to



Now I will admit this was one of those rare days when I did not have to

be anywhere and my little one was being cared for by my spouse

which, to be honest, is actually part of my makeover day. I gave myself

permission to be by myself without feeling guilty of not taking

advantage of family time.



The next day I felt a little shift.

 I gave myself permission to stop expecting to accomplish so much in a day.


Joy in Action Moment:


Do you need to give your life a mini makeover? If so, what would you

do different, just for a day? What would you wear? What would you

eat? Who would you connect with? Pick the day and relish the time.

Then write about any shift you may have felt.


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