Thursday, July 27, 2023

Give Me Joy Day 19: What Are Your Thoughts Telling You?



Light in a messenger's eyes brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones.


 Proverbs 15:30


Lord, I confess there are times when I choose to look at the negative

things that are going on around me.


The setbacks.

The disappointments

The failures

The heartbreaks


 I wrapped them around me like a blanket

and get cozy

I hide under that blanket

and let it block any new faith filled movement you may be calling me to.


 I forget about those times when you have surprised me and delighted

me in ways that I did not expect.

Bring to mind right now some of those times:


Now Lord in that same way I KNOW that you will amaze me again as


I move into this new adventure with you.


 Give me one person to cheer me on and to stand in the gap praying

for what you are calling me into next.



Do you have mental discipline? Meaning do you allow every thought

that comes into your head run rampant without some sort of censoring



Let's examine a thought that popped into your head recently


 If this thought was not censored, what kind of feelings did it manifest?








Take some time today to really pay attention to your thoughts.


Do they leave you feeling hopeless?

Did they inspire you to act on new ideas?

Fill you with gratitude?


It is amazing how powerful these little silent opinions about your life

can be. Left unchecked, they can be dream killers.



How do you take a thought captive?



You hold it up to the light of reality and assess whether it is grounded

in any basis of fact. Is it true or is this something someone has placed

on me?


Is it possible that this is a limiting thought that I am placing on myself

as a safety net to resist change?


Joy in Action Moment:


Really pay attention today to the feelings your thoughts bring up and

how they may be dictating the quality of your life. Focus on one

particular thought that keeps popping up and find evidence to the

contrary. Talk to people who support you and let them hold you up in



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