Monday, November 10, 2014

My Creative Peace: The Inner Call of the Soul to Make a Difference

In 2013 I became a grandma.  My son is in the military and so his family does not live nearby.  I did not have a close relationship with my grandparents but I have heard from so many how deep and impactful their relationships with their grandparents have been.  From the moment I found out the news I have been invisioning how I would be a part of this little boy's life.   

Since he is so little I have had to be content with sending little care packages of children's books to let him know his grammy is thinking of him.  My daughter in law is fantastic about posting pictures on Facebook and I am so grateful for that.  This little painting came intuitively.  I have recently found the work of Mindy Lacefield and took her Soul Bird ecourse.  She is really igniting my creative heart with her style of teaching.

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