Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Faith and Creativity: In the Still Moments Where Do you Turn?

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I recently finished reading Lauren Winner's book StillThe book focuses on the middle place in the Christan life.  The place where you no longer need to be convinced that God is real and you are a mess without his guidance in your life.

Nevertheless, it still kills you that the bad guys still wins and patience is viewed as weakness and heart felt intentional winner leaves you holding the short end of the stick in this cut throat world.  I am still processing all that I connected with in Winner's book but the most profound piece is her connection to poetry in the saddest and confusing of times.  I have wanted to read more poetry but have felt overwhelmed and almost a little embarrassed to ask for suggestions on where to start because I know there is so much to choose from.  I have written down some poets she mentions in the book and I have picked up my copy of Saved by a Poem and begin to read it again.

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