Friday, February 15, 2013

Creative Habit #3: What Do you Mean You Don't Want to Look Silly?

Life can be intense.  The day to day responsibilities that so many of us carry can leave us too drained to even think about taking the time to do something creative.

But what if...
you allowed your creative activities to bring a bit of sparkle into your life. What if you decided that in the creative space you would allow yourself to play.  Leave the expectations in the realm where you have little choice but to tackle and drive and endure and press on.

In the creative areas of our lives, we can have access to the lighter side of life... things do not have to be as intense.  I find that I have much more stamina in the intense decisions I have to make and a greater ability to follow through in my responsibilities.   I somehow 'find' the energy and have a deeper capacity to take care of business when I take just a few minutes to... play.

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