Sunday, January 13, 2013

How To Know When it is Time to Take a Different Road

I have tackled quite a few things over the last 4 years in an effort to find my creative voice.  Over the last two years these changes have caused me to take a look at some of closest friendships and tell the truth about them... and let them go.  It has been a lonely and sobering year and a half.  When you choose to change, that choice can't help but affect the relationships you maintain.  These changes give them an opportunity to deepen... or not.

2013 feels like a year of taking what I know to be true about my identity as a woman and as a Jesus follower and be at peace with them.  To love who I am more deeply.  To stop apologizing for it.  I believe the work and the art I create this year will hold that deepening.  And I will look on it and say, "Oh! that's why the change was needed."

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