Faith and Creativity: Grace and the Loveliness of Dandelions

Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you,
who walk in the light of your presence Lord.
For you are their glory and strength
and by your favor you exalt our horn.
Indeed our shield belongs to the Lord,
our king to the Holy One of Israel
- Psalm 89:15, 17 18

The word "shield" has fascinated me for many years.  It is a word that I felt impressed upon my heart about 13 years ago during a spiritual direction class I took in seminary.  Around this same time creativity as a spiritual discipline began to bud.  I have pursued the creative life as a lifeline to God pretty steadily for the last 8 years.  The 'message' the metaphor shield... well not so much.

Today I think about how I have been shielded from things though I didn't realize it at the time.  I think about how I have tried to shield my children from life's disappointments until they were able to handle.  I think of many times how I wish I were still shielded from the agenda that can occur in church settings and in places where self absorbed  and self centered behavior ruins the beauty of all that could be good (like in classrooms).

This moment I think about why so much grace has been shown to me by God when I have felt rejected, unwanted, misunderstood.  Simple grace reminds me of delicate dandelions and how easily life can blow the bloom off the bud.

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