My Creative Peace:: Finding a Way to Stay Hopeful in the Tough Times

Setting aside some childish notions of how life is supposed to be.  Definitely easier said then done.  The hardest part of moving forward after a disappointment seems to be allowing yourself to set goals again.. run after something with abandon... dream again.

For me I have found that I need just one or two close friends.  Ones that are willing to let their guard one.  Laugh with me.  Cry with me.  Be on my side.  Love me enough to not take my side sometimes.

Somehow this connecting allows us both to let the light shine on the dark places of life.  Enough to let the wounds heal without constantly feeling the need to pick at them.  

I hope you have one or two who do that for you.  I think each one of us needs at least someone that we can cut the crap with.  And get real honest.. that sometimes life is not so OK

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