My Creative Peace: The Work behind the Desire to Get Better at Something

I have wanted to commit to the craft of painting for a very long time now.  I have always been drawn to being more creative but for many years I would simply collect creative friends and allow that to be enough. I raise creative children.  I have a husband that went to art school.

But over the years  - really beginning in 2008 - I had this nagging feeling that there should be more to this gravitational pull.  I needed to look inward.  So it began.  Starting with what I knew - crocheting - and then taking a Kelly Rae Robert's business course for artists opened me up to artists that told that stories and shared their encouragement with me.

Three years ago I began art journalling with a vengeance. then I created a project where I created and mailed 100 postcards to friends and family.

I find that my heart is at it again.  2013 was the year of reuniting with many family members in a search for identity and connection.  2014 is the processing year of who this person is that STILL feels the call to create even in the midst of the busiest of times.

So here I am in on display.  And the goal is to create 100 paintings by the end of 2014.  Reading Chris Guillibeau's The Happiness of Pursuit has helped me to up my challenge from simply painting every day to finish paintings and let my intuitive heart shine.  I have created 13 so far since October 2014.  I am not sure I can complete all 100 but I am going to paint as if I can.  Join me on the journey?  You can also follow along by putting your email in the box at top of the blog that says "subscribe by email."

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