Faith and Creativity: Where is all That Time Going?

Day 2:
My top ten time wasters (May 2009)
1. Project Runway
I would sit and wonder how you could get that proficient with a sewing machine and who designs their own clothes and why wouldn't you just go to the store and buy your clothes - but I loved it!
2. Top Chef
Basically the only ingredient that I was familiar with that they used was chicken-but I loved it!
3. America's Next Top Model
I would watch this and cheer for the 'plus size' model – the gorgeous woman who is a size 10!
4. Hell's Kitchen
OK, I would have to sneak and watch this one because my husband hated it; he said he had flashbacks of being a cook at Marie Callendars (a restaurant chain in the United States) on Mother's Day.  This is why we do not go to restaurants on that day… out of sympathy for those hard working line cooks.

5. Chef-ology series on Food Network
I loved hearing that neither Paula Deen nor Rachael Ray actually went to culinary school; but it did not make me want to cook more!

6. The Next Food Network Star
OK, is this like the 4th cooking show I mentioned? I promise, I DO NOT LIKE TO COOK!

7. Top Design
An interior design show which was a bit over the top and not as witty as most shows in this genre, but hey it was always replaying on BRAVO, so I watched...
8., 9.,10. OK here's where it gets embarrassing...
The real housewives of Orange County…Atlanta…New York

Ha-ha!  I would love to see your list!

Now back to Business…
I was STILL CLEARLY in a place where I felt stranded in my own life.  I was not adjusting well to full time motherhood and add to that single motherhood since my husband was deployed for long periods of time.  I wanted to be a stay at home mom and yet I felt trapped there.  We lived in a small apartment so I felt I had to constantly be on the go so I would not go stir crazy yet we were on an incredibly tight budget.  Weekends were the worst. I was lonely.  Now that I had begun to crochet, I would sit and watch television and crochet.  The problem was I created the same things: scarves and hats and will hum drum colors.  Muted colors.  Muted life. 
Until… I went into my local craft store and they were clearing out their novelty yarns.  The yarns were different colors and textures that might give these projects of mine a little pop.  I did not know what to do with them, but the practical side of me could not pass up the sale.  These are the same yarns that later generated the tote I dreamed about.  
Slowly I began to move forward but I was still feeling boxed in.  I did not know that a change was coming….

 Time to Ponder...
1.                  Describe a time when you felt something you created was truly inspired/prompted by something within/outside of yourself.

2.                  What has God begun to show you about your creative life?  Are you sensing some IMMEDIATE changes that you need to make with your time, energy, commitments?  List them here.

  1. What are your thoughts about art as therapy?

2.                  Where do you find inspiration?

3.              How is week 2 going in your creative journey?

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