Faith and Creativity: What Does your Creative Life Look Like NOW?

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Day 3:
I felt my life moving on this continuum between wanting a more creative life and yet not feeling like this was a valid identity for me.  I still did not understand God’s orchestration behind it.  Up to this point the vision for the tote bag still felt a bit odd.  The idea of a “muse” as some people call it or “inspiration” as others called it did not feel like it pertained to my situation.  It somehow felt like a fluke; like I imagined the whole thing. 
I have never considered myself to be creative.  I was feeling like I was just mimicking my mother’s hobby.  I did not necessarily like to crochet.  But I did love the meditative aspect of it.  I loved having something to show for my efforts.  I seemed to be more settled than I was so many months ago when I felt I had no outlet.  BUT I kept it a secret for the most part; afraid of what people would say about this new obsessive behavior of mine.  But I did feel like GOD was closer and that somehow this act was making me OK again ON THE INSIDE.  
Around this same time I reconnected with a friend I mentioned earlier who has an art degree.  We began to get together and allow our creative activities to be the focal point for our gatherings.  Creating in community… hmm… what an interesting idea.  Little did I know that this is an idea that has been around for centuries.  This decision felt like a good next step for me. My friend was honing her skills in book making and was soon turning out stunning handmade journals.    I began to talk to her about this online site, a place where an artist can sell her handmade items.  Her product seemed like a gorgeous fit.  I loved watching as she prepared to take the leap toward having her own online craft business.  Description writing, photographs, pricing, dreaming, researching, encouraging.  I loved every minute of watching her business come together…

 Time to Ponder...

1.                  Have there been any activities that you have truly disliked after trying them?  Was there anything that you see GOD teaching you through the very act of trying? Did it somehow lead you to something else you ended up enjoying?

1.                  Are there thoughts/words/pictures that are coming together for you as you are working on this week’s theme: Declare Peace?

2.                  What kinds of connections are you making between your inner life and your art?

3.                  Is there a particular creative medium that you especially find more beneficial in calming your anxiety/doubts/fears? Write in detail about its benefits.

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