Faith and Creativity: Creativity Helps with Obtaining More Peace in Your Life?

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Week 2 Creative Prompt: Declare Peace
Verse for the week: 2 Corinthians 12:9: "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."
Day 1:

People explore many avenues in an effort to experience PASSION.  Working, eating, sex, drugs, alcohol, motherhood, marriage, singlehood; all can be used as vices to substitute this need for purpose and passion. 

Have you noticed a shift in how the world views creativity?  Things like music, sewing, singing, cooking or dancing seems nowadays to be viewed as “time wasters.”  Yet reality shows have tapped into our need to be passionate about SOMETHING.  
I find that I have spent a good amount of time watching these reality shows.  It began as merely curiosity on my part but quickly turned into a means to vicariously live out some of my secret goals.  Too much fear surrounded my desire to try something new.  Interestingly, rather than fueling me to TRY something new, these shows seemed to somehow quench my thirst for really going out and trying something new on my own.  What may have once started as a potential spark for me to move a bit more deeply into my own life quickly turned into an escape from my own reality and just another time killer.  
Today I would like to think about any hesitation we might have felt with last week’s creative project (whichever one you decided to explore for yourself). I want to ponder the things that got in the way, the successes we felt, the chances we took or did not take, the revelations we came to about ourselves.  Then for fun, I would like us to jot down 3-5 shows we watch without fail and think about what draws us in.  Do they enhance or minimize our creative energies?

Time to Ponder...

1.                  What are your thoughts about the idea of passion in the Christian’s life?

2.                  Have there been situations in your life that hinder the idea that passion could be a GOD INSPIRED ideal?

3.                  Look in the back of a bible in the Key word section /concordance and research the idea of passion/purpose.  If this is unavailable to you, search on – does this give you a better sense of how to view the concept?  How so?

1.                  Write down your 3-5 “must see” shows? Do any of them draw you deeper into your creative life?   What pattern do you see in your viewing habits?

2.                  What shows have inspired you to be more creative?

3.                  How was your first week committing to your creative endeavors? What fears come up? What AHA moments did you have?

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