Thursday, July 25, 2013

So Do you Really Need MORE Information Before you Make that Decision?

what is true vs what feels true

Tommy Newberry defines feelings as "data you must filter through your reason."

What happens when your way of reasoning is misaligned?  

Think about it this way: 
Are there certain things you used to believe to be true as a child that you no longer believe?  What changed?

  You had access to more information. Other people have different experiences than you shaping them and causing them to form different opinions, have different outcomes in their lives.  You begin to widen the view of your feelings.  Possibly noticing how they can control you... give you misinformation. 

Action Moment:

Is there a decision you need to make that your feelings are not lining up with?  
Where are you experiencing the discontent? 
Is there a story that you are choosing to tell yourself?  Is there new information that has come your way that you have turned a blind eye to?

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