Sunday, March 31, 2013

Who Do you Allow to Influence you?

Joy is a state of mind.  The mind holds this tremendous power to navigate the outcomes you experience in your daily life.  Your life is controlled by the thoughts you think.  I do not believe that we can merely wish things into existence.  | do believe that the things that we dwell on can either open or close our minds and our hearts to further opportunities and more success in our lives.  I also believe that what others impose upon us can hold a similar consequence. 

Imagine walking into a situation where you are made to feel inferior.  It could a classroom or the workplace or even in your own family.  You know without a doubt that what the circumstance is feeding to your brain is not true.  And one day you are finally out of that environment. AND you actually move into a situation with people who recognize your value.  How do you respond?  I am willing to say that your mind may start to second guess the correct assessment of your value.  Why?  The battle began to seep inside and change your perspective.

Psalm 139: I am fearfully AND WONDERFULLY MADE

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