Faith and Creativity: He's Some Kind of Wonderful

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In my alarm I said,
 "I am cut off from your sight!" 
 Yet you heard my cry when I called to you for help 
- Psalm 31:22

Have you had those moments when you feel like God is not listening.
 At all. 
That He could not possibly see what is happening. 
How could He?
If He saw how hard you are trying to be kind and esteem others higher than yourself...
If He saw how the more you give the more those around you take and really do not seem to notice how MUCH you are giving... 
how engaged you are...
how so much you want to be valued for your contribution
And you grow weary
and feel faint
and grasp at straws
looking for some relief somewhere
in a phone call
in a good cry
in silence
and then
you know you were heard all along.

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