Writer Girl: It is the VERY Moment When you Decide to Begin Writing Again

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Day 1:
"While we might be more than willing to accept teaching on an academic or professional level, when it comes to the way we are as individuals, how we think and act, we don't like being told that there is anything wrong with our mind set or behavior."
-The Monks of New Skete: In the Spirit of Happiness


I have heard from many people that 'when the student is ready, the teacher comes." I wonder about the posture of 'readiness.' Does one have to 'feel' ready? Do we have a sense of what inner readiness feels like? Plenty of times I have desperately looked for a mentor to help me through tough spaces where I was left feeling abandoned, aimless and struggling (seemingly) on my own.  Here's what I have found:
·         Going back to college was not on my life's radar and yet I felt strongly I needed to attend. I did not have one teacher but many in the form of experiences and relationships and MOST ALL of them were difficult.
·         I have held jobs that were not in my industry which seemed to open up out of "nowhere." I walked through and gained much in the way of knowledge about who I was as a person as well as my capacity to take on new challenges.  This is another example of a mentoring experience which did not appear in its  traditional form.

I feel like I am in that space again where I need a teacher.   But this time I have no expectation of what the "teacher" should look like. Maybe this time I will spot him/her/it/them.

Priming the Pump:
Write about a time when you were looking for a mentor in your life?  Where did you go for help?  Did one appear?  What kind of experience was that for you?  What are your expectations as you begin to write on a regular basis?

Write 100 words OR write for 15 minutes (set a timer to help you focus and whatever you get down on paper for 15 minutes let grace hold you – well done!)

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