Laura Gaffke: I Find Beauty in this Moment

Savoring life to me means living with deep appreciation, love and respect for the many gifts I have been given. Making the time to journal is one of the ways I reflect, savor and appreciate the simple treasures which add so much meaning to my life. A few things I am currently savoring...

I savor leisurely mornings, gently nudged awake by only the sunshine peeking through my window or a morning when I don’t particularly want to get up and my husband surprises me with a hot cup of coffee in my favorite turquoise flowered mug. I savor the grinning, magenta tipped rose sitting on my bedside table, feverishly yelling “hello, come draw me” and taking the time to do it. I savor time to myself and seeing someone smile, especially if I helped put it there. I savor my silly little kittens who are always in the moment and quick to forget the past. They remind me to pause, play and be present to someone other than myself.

I savor my deep, generous friendship with my confidant & business partner Tina Hirsig. She has enriched and forever changed my life through her perspective and her “being” in the world. I savor all that I have learned from her about acceptance, following your dreams, staying the course and riding the waves. I savor relationships, my family, understanding and people who help me be a better person and live with an open heart. All of these magnificent gifts make my life rich with meaning and full of love.

With gratitude,

Laura Gaffke had the pleasure of growing up in New Hampshire where she was fortunate to have the mountains, city and seacoast all within close reach. Her diverse surroundings imprinted a deep connection with nature and compassion for the environment. It also invoked a desire to explore such places as England, Norway, Paris and the whispered magic of the Amalfi Coast. She believes happiness is a state of mind that can travel with you anywhere. Her vibrant use of color reflects this positive attitude and the joy she seeks both within and the world around her. Laura finds inspiration and meaning in tranquil mornings alone with her journal, in the hushed beauty of a freshly picked iris, engaged in rich conversation with friends and on peaceful beach walks which quiet her busy mind, giving form to new ideas.

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