Julene Ewert: How Do you Savor Life?

"How do you savor life?" A big question. I believe everyone has a different way of savoring their life. What resonates with me is the word "slow." 

To savor, is to go slow and be mindful. I don't mean moving at a snails pace, which sounds so wonderful. I tell myself to go slow, and that this is a moment I should savor. You feel it. You know deep in your soul that this moment right now is so very special and it might not happen again, ever. I need to let the moment wrap around and fill me. 

My savor moments are small, fleeting and random. Like letting my cat sit on my lap (we both need each other). Tucking in my child at night with one last smile and kiss, catching the last glimpse of the setting sun, or leafing through the latest art or spring seed catalog and dreaming of the possibilities. I love to wrap myself in a quilt that my grandma made. So many simple little things to savor.  

 Your soul needs "savor moments" just the same as your body needs air. 


The note below, I look at daily.
"The aim of life is to live,
and to live means to be aware,
joyously, drunkenly, serenely,
divinely aware."
-Henry Miller

Bio: Hi, I'm Julene. I'm so happy that you've taken the time to look at my art. I love to use common materials in surprising ways. I love finding and using bits and pieces of objects from the past. I dream of a day when old houses and trees will speak. You can see strong influences from my grandmother - she loved to sew, quilt and do embroidery. My inspiration comes from nature, travel and everyday life. My art is whimsical in spirit, and expresses an honest and playful view of my world. I often say I have a problem with colors, I LOVE them all! When I begin a painting, the idea is somewhat formed. But what finally emerges is something truly remarkable - it is always something that is personal and close to my heart. It often surprises me how true my art reflects my soul.

My artwork can be found in galleries, gift stores and homes globally. I find my passion where I live in Moscow, Idaho, an undiscovered part of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My husband and son give me inspiration and brutally honest critiques. In keeping with my values, a portion of profits goes to support women in their small business endeavors via kiva.org. You can read more on my Blog.


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