Jodi LeBrun: One Ritual/Activity you do that helps you to savor your life MORE

Tucking in my last babe.

Giving kisses and hugs and wishing sweet dreams.

This is the earlier part of my evening. The Mommy part.

Heading back downstairs. To my kettle. To my magical jars of healing herbs.

This is my time. My time to unwind. My time to dream.

My time to savor.

My time to sit with a warm cup of tea and go over my day with my husband.

The happy parts. The frustrating parts. All of it.

Or maybe I lose myself in a book. Or sneak in a treat that the kids missed.

These late night moments are what allow me to sleep with ease. To dream with clarity.

To process my life. 

To appreciate my life. 

To be present in my life.


Here are a few of my favorite tea blends - they both encourage mindfulness and relaxation.


Luscious Rose Blend

2 parts of Holy Basil (Tulsi)
1 part rosehips
1 part hibiscus flowers
A few pinches of dried orange peel


Lovely Lemon Blend

2 parts lemon balm
1 part lemongrass
1 part peppermint

Bring your water just to boiling and then let this steep for 5-7 minutes (in a tea ball) and enjoy. 
I like to sweeten mine with a bit of raw honey or organic brown sugar chunks!
Jodi LeBrun

As a certified holistic life and raw food coach, yoga instructor and herbalist-in-training,  Jodi specializes in helping women to achieve balance, rhythm and joy in their lives by providing them with the tools, support and community to strengthen their digestive fires and ignite their passions and creativity! She offers seasonal detoxes and cleanses, 1:1 coaching and local UnCooking 101 classes.

She is also the proud creator of KaRAWte Kids - a signature lineup of hands-on workshops designed specifically for kids who are active in karate. 

You can learn more about her programs and cleanses at Balance, Rhythm and Joy at or her KaRAWte Kids workshops at Register now for her Winter 2014 Nourishing Cleanse that's taking place Jan. 19th-29th!

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