The Spiritual Discipline of Living a Creative Life

Ten years ago, I walked into my first of many classes to complete my seminary degree.  I had just gotten married a year prior.  I was not really sure what seminary was all about.  I simply wanted to join the Navy so I could travel with my new husband who had already enlisted.  I am deeply in love with God and at that time I felt like maybe the best way to show that was to become a Navy Chaplain. 

So to become a Navy Chaplain, you needed to secure a Masters Degree in Theology.   I wasn't really familiar with what it meant to be formally trained in Theology.  To be quite honest my views on God were accumulated from going to church, helping out in Sunday School and praying and reading my Bible on my own.  I naively thought this would be enough for me to tackle whatever this training is that I needed.  

It was during this first class that I was introduced to the notion of Spiritual Disciplines as a means to connect with God.  The assignment was that I needed to pick a discipline and connect with God through the discipline for 30 days.  What popped into my mind: Creativity.

I have always loved to write.  But for some reason I felt I needed to 'pick' some other artsy medium.  At that time, my understanding of creativity was very limited in that I could only think of a few different other ways to express creativity: drawing, painting.
Today I read through this project and I am in awe of where God has me.  I completed the Seminary degree though I was not accepted as a Chaplain candidate after two attempts.  God had other plans.  About two months after I was denied admission the second time, I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter.  I have been married for eleven years.  

 And my understanding of creativity has broadened to become an all encompassing definition which includes… well EVERYONE.  

Within these pages you will find all the raw emotions that were going on within me as I tried to crack the code of creativity in my life with the Guidance of the Holy Spirit.  You will also see the artwork I created during those thirty days – UNEDITED.

I pray that my openness about the creativity process inspires you to find where God wishes to connect with you in your Creativity.  For those of you who say 'I am not creative' I want to say to you I used to feel the same way.  I simply ask that you be open to the process and see what God will whisper to you.


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