Reaping and Sowing in your Thinking

Reaping and Sowing

I remember an episode of  a show called Little House on the Prairie where a father was reprimanding his daughter for something she had done and he said these words, YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.  Later in life when I read the verse in the bible my mind immediately flashed back to this memory and all I could think was how careful I needed to be because all my bad decisions will come back and get me.

Many times that is true of course though thank God that He has extended to me tons of grace where that is not always the case.  I started thinking that maybe just maybe good things sown will reap good benefits and what if I extend that realization to good thoughts leading to positive outcomes.  Maybe there is something to be said about making a shift mentally first which might elicit a subsequent change in the outcome I will experience later. 

I find this to be true when I have facing a difficult task that needs to be done which I know will be a benefit to future opportunities that come my way.  

Action Moment: 

This week bring the reaping and sowing philosophy into one area in your life which you are experiencing frustration.   Take a moment to really pay attention to all the thoughts surrounding the situation including feelings of helplessness and despair.  Decide on one or two little adjustments in your perspective on how to handle the circumstance.

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