Irresistible YOU

What makes someone irresistible?

Really take some time to think about this and come up with 4 or 5 characteristics of this person.   

Here is what I see:
a quite confidence
a sense of peace
comfort in their own skin
grace under pressure

What I find about my list is that this is not something you necessarily pick up on immediately.  You have got to spend a little time with someone in order to really gauge these any genuine qualities.  There needs to be a relationship.  Some people can initially come across as confident but you find later on that there are some contradicting qualities that rise to the surface like insecurity.  Someone so polished on the outside can really be hanging on by a thread in their life when it comes to decisions they need to make but are afraid to step into.

Action Moment:

What about you makes you feel irresistible?  What qualities would you like to cultivate more to ground you into your most irresistible

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