Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Healing Art Lesson #9: RAOUL à Nantes

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Welcome to my series: Healing Arts

My desire is to give you the opportunity to experience what it is I mean when I call my work "healing art chaplaincy"

Welcome to Lesson 9

Find a quiet place and gather a journal or paper and pencils/pens/colored pencils/markers/crayons

Take a few moments to take some deep breaths and center yourself.

Click here to find some of the psalms as prayers I have added to the blog and read one quietly to yourself or out loud to aid in your centering process.

Now let's begin
View and Reflect:

  1. What would it feel like to be in this artwork?
  2. What does this artwork remind you of? Why?
  3. How do you personally relate to/connect with this picture?
What wisdom are you experiencing TODAY through this piece of art?

We move more deeply into the Creativity practice using one of the following options:

Write about a time when you felt similar emotions


Create a drawing based on your writing


Recreate  à Nantes' painting while experiencing the feelings of this piece. 

Feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments below.

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