A New Mantra: Keep it Kind

We hear a ton of buzz words floating around about the need to be authentic and open and genuine; keeping it 'real' is a gritty way to say it.  I don't know about you but I find it all to be a bit nauseating.

First of all I do not think many people know what "keeping it real" means.  I find many people have not been honest with themselves for YEARS and so to try to expect someone who has masked their own feelings and intentions from herself to suddenly be able to keep it real with you... well a bit ridiculous wouldn't you say?

A more important question is SHOULD YOU be open with everyone?  The more I consider this question the more I am leaning towards a shift in what my expectations are of people I come in contact with.  Remember the days when people were *gasp* polite?  Kind?  Courteous?
I am amazed at how many times people seem to lack the ability to foster these characteristics all behind the disguise of "keeping it real."  It's sad really.  I should be able to have a difference in opinion with someone at work and not find that I am suddenly ostracized from my workplace environment.  You should be able to be frustrated with someone and not feel like you have walked into a land mine of gossip at the next family function.  She should be able to get upset with someone and not feel shame over expressing that a behavior was inappropriate.

I for one am changing my mantra to Keeping it KIND.
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