Life Coach in the Hot Seat: How I Manage My Time

How do I manage my time and structure my day?

I usually wake up about 430am.  Without an alarm.  I quietly brush my teeth and wash my face and let the first thoughts come.  Usually it is a to do list.  I walk down my stairs to the kitchen and I make a cup of coffee.  I try my best to remain in the silence… drink it in.  I try to move about with minimal light.  

I walk to the living room and sit on my couch and I will pick up my Bible and a prayer devotion I am working.

 I have a hard time coming up with the words to pray
  so I will either pray along with the Psalms or I will help a book like “Power of a Praying Wife” guide my prayer time.  I read a chapter from the Bible – right now I am in the Book of Matthew.  I am using a bible from the Voice project that has comments from Jewish scholars that help me to read the bible not like a 21 century self centered reader but closer to how it was meant to be read – sometimes it works and I get the purity of life as not all about ME.

I will look at email and check Facebook to check out what my friends and family are up to.  The alarm goes off upstairs, first for my husband, then for my daughter.  I unplug and prepare breakfast and lunches and talk with each of them trying my hardest not to feel rushed.

Then the rush is on
Drop off at school
Rush to work
Go go go with the Primary Classroom I work in at a local Montessori school
After school program
Pick up my daughter
Head home
Dinner and an episode of “Cake Boss” or “The Middle” with family
Gym (sometimes)
Wind down
Bedtime for my daughter
Then something for the business – either creating or marketing or both

I have learned over the years with my business to try to keep it 
as clean and clear as possible.  

 For me tweeting and facebooking and networking online all hours of the day and night does not work for me and does not honor what I teach. 

 I want to be in the moment.   

If I am with you having coffee, I am not checking my phone and if I am I will let you know upfront that I will need to.  If I am on the phone I am not multitasking – which means I will not pick up the phone if I am in the middle of something.  If I am at work with my employer she does not need to tell me to put my phone away.  These choices (yep there are CHOICES and maybe not for everyone) keep me aligned with the person I choose to be and I present to the world.

What about you? 
What does your day look like?  
 Are there some routines that need to be tweaked or revamped?  Post your link below if you are a blogger and I will be sure to come by.

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