Life Coach in the Hot Seat: These Things I Know for Sure

These things I know for sure…

Today I sit at an indoor recreation center called Amazing Jakes while my daughter and her friends enjoy this freedom of being able to hang out and have fun in a safe setting.  

 And I feel joy.  

 Joy that I have been able to give this experience to her.  Joy that I have raised a son who I have been able to give similar experiences to.   Healing in those places where I did not feel such joy as a child.  I am deeply grateful that we may not have all the answers to every problem in our lives at this particular moment but we do experience immense amounts of joy.  I experience incredible joy as a mother, as a wife and a creative, as an entrepreneur and a teacher.  

Here are some things I know for sure:

1.       You have to CHOOSE joy – life has so many unexplainable tragedies.  I have a friend right now who is helping her two year old son battle cancer.  She chooses joy.  I have questions in my life over my dad dying and not being able to see him before he died.  Family members in pain that I have no answers for though I wish I did.  Yet I CHOOSE joy

2, Your life can be FULFILLING – no matter the circumstance. You got to dig down deep.  Sometimes it take a while to feel that way but you can have a fulfilling life.  In the midst of some really difficult circumstances.

3.       God IS IN CONTROL – Even when I am in the my most What the Hell is going on state of mind. 

But it is my choice to choose joy, create a more fulfilling life, believe that God is in control.

What about you? 
What do you know for sure? 
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