Fuzzy White Technology: How to Savor Your Life

One ritual/activity I do that helps me to savor life more:
My morning routine is a priority for me.

It is non-negotiable.

I ease into greeting each day in a way that honors my natural rhythm.

I am a morning person, so this is the best time for me to prepare spiritually, emotionally and physically for whatever the day ahead will bring.

I grab my favorite mug and fill it with my favorite coffee. The very ritual of coffee preparation is soothing and done with intent.

I journal for a few minutes about all the things I am grateful for at that moment in my life. I read for awhile, from my Bible, from books and blogs, and let the words and beautiful photographs nourish my soul.

I write down all the serendipitous and miraculous things that have happened the past 24 hours. There are always more than you realize when you take the time to remember them.

How grateful this practice makes me. I sit and dream. I let my mind wander to all that is possible for me, for my life and for my future.

I can envision some pretty wonderful things coming my way. I let the feelings that come at that moment grow within my heart and take root in my soul.

Then I move. I walk, run, do yoga, whatever feels good to me that day. I connect my body and mind through exercise and this is a very meditative time for me.

This is how I greet the day.

I savor my quiet, morning ritual and ultimately I savor my life more, because I am grounded, connected, calm, and at peace.

Kim White is co-owner and social media director at Fuzzywhite Technology LLC, a mobile application development company in Centennial, Colorado. A married mother of two, Kim runs her business alongside her husband, while she also runs to keep fit. She makes time to begin each day in a quiet, purposeful way before the fast moving world of social media comes to life on her laptop. Writing, reading, blogging, drinking coffee, chatting with people all over the globe and dreaming up the next greatest mobile app fill her days. Kim can be found at www.fuzzywhite.com and of course @fuzzywhitetech on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.
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