Rachel Awes: What Do You Savor About Your Life?


 1. One ritual you do that helps you savor your life more: 
space of quiet. whether a nap, walk outside, or driving without the radio on, this expansion allows my mind to travel to just where i need to go + dwell + savor. 

2. What do you Savor?
i savor encounters, whether spiritually (i was in a sauna this week + experienced it as a burning bush), whether girlfriendly (a recent singing + clapping with a friend of a childhood song "say say oh playmate"), whether with love (embrace), or feeling my heart burst with the delightful things my teenage sons come up with. 

3. What does "Savor your life" mean to you?
it means to me to have my heart open + vulnerable enough to feel all there is to feel + know all this is fleeting + precious + be grateful. 

 4. Name someone who you admire for how much she savors her life.
 lori portka, who is all about gratitude + created 100 paintings to express it. she savors animals + people + beauty + lets us all know about it. http://loriportka.com

Rachel Awes
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i work as a psychologist, author, + art playgroundist, who loves listening to the beauty in people. current project: 2nd book...will either self-publish to be released spring 2014, or released later if a publisher picks it up (still in progress). will be available in stores + in my etsy shop. for now, please find my book in my shop called "all i did was listen"!

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