Lisa Wilson: What Does "Savor your Life" Mean to You?

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Be happy in the moment, that's enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.

This moment.  This one right here.  The one neither of us are fully in because we are already drifting off to thoughts of the next tab open on the browser or how much time we have left until the next appointment or how long it is going to take to read this.

In this moment, there is so much.  There are thoughts whizzing past, scents riding on our inhale, textures caressing our skin, sounds bouncing from source to our waiting interpretation.

To me, savoring my life is simply returning to, and delighting in, what is.  There is no aromatic pie that needs to be made, no fuzzy slippers to don (unless they happen to be right nearby), no vacation I need to take.  I can only savor what is in front of me; therefore, there is nowhere else I need to be.  I can drop into this body that affords me both pain and pleasure and into the sensual delights that abound when I am here to enjoy them. 

To savor life is not to think about it, it is to feel it.

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Lisa Renee Wilson

As an Awareness Artist, I hold space, offer inspiration, and provide guidance for anyone feeling called to awaken to that "something more" in life.  Through classes, writing, and art, we weave the practices of contemplation and creativity into everyday life…learning to be at ease with What Is. BeingBreath, my world work, is how I connect with others - with you - in rediscovering the magic in this moment, one breath at a time. I do all of this from Southern Indiana, alongside my two lovely children who certainly help me practice what I preach.

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