Is It REALLY Worth Talking About?

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 What do you talk about?

You've heard the cliche if you haven't got something nice to say don't say anything at all.  I find that this has some pretty serious implications as to how you feel about your life as a whole.  What you are talking about is more than likely what you are thinking about.  And if what you are thinking about can't be fixed by having a conversation that can help reframe the situation or solve the problem then what is the point in having the conversation?

For example I began working for a tax attorney during the height of tax season.  So what was consuming my every thought: taxes!  But talking about them did not change the fact that they needed to get done or the amount of the workload or how fatigued I felt.  So I chose to have discussions that centered around OTHER things:

An upcoming event I was looking forward to
A great movie I recently saw
A new art project I am working on


Is there something that you are talking about right now that ultimately causes more stress about the situation you are in rather than helps to create a new perspective?

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