Is Everything OK?

Have you noticed the deep satisfaction that comes when you are working on something that make the hours pass like rushing wind?

Maybe it has been a while since you have felt that way.

I did not realize that I had lost that sense of satisfaction until it finally came back into my life quite accidentally. 

I needed to get back into the work force but I had been away for 7 years and the job hunt was NOT EVEN CLOSE to how easy it used to be. 

So I landed a job.  Decent money, decent hours, Horrible Draining Job.  But I took it because our family needed the money.   

But then 104 Days Later I could not do it another day. It was collections and no matter how I tried to bring humanity to the job of collecting, just having to brace myself every time someone picked up the phone in anticipation of their hostility and anger...  Well it was Soul sucking

But... during that time is when I wrote the Joy Series that you have been enjoying over the last few months.  And I put together the manuscript that I hope to publish by New Years Day 2014.


What are you growing in the midst of a difficult time in your life right now? 

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