I am Thinking Maybe I Need More Discipline in My Life

Remember when you were a kid and you had all of these boundaries around everything,  What to wear, how to dress what time you needed to be home where you were allowed to go. 

Maybe you grew up and threw off all the shackles and had a few years of rebellion.

Sooner or later we start to realize discipline at least in some areas boundaries are actually necessary.  

Boundaries now equate to Discipline.  It helps us to get things done, to reach goals, to make changes. 

I would say that to bring more joy into our lives we need to have a discipline of sorts.   

Discipline around:

What we talk about
What we let get into our minds and our hearts
Who we associates with
How we let negativity affect us


Pick one of these areas in which to incorporate more discipline this week:

What you talk about
What you let get into your mind and your heart
Who you associate with
How you let negativity affect you

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