You Need to Have a Boot Camp for your Mind

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 How to train your mind

Step 1: Get Clear - now you can go at this two different ways either by focusing on what you don't want or by getting clear about what you do want.  And clarity has to do with becoming very specific.  Not simply ambiguities like "I want to be happy" but 

"These are the reasons I am not happy" 
"Here are the people that cause me to feel less happy"
"Here are the circumstances that need to change"

  Not " I want a new job" but
"Here are the jobs I had before that I did not like"
"Here are the jobs that made me satisfied"
"Here are the attributes that my ideal job needs to tap into"

Step 2: Give yourself action items to work on -  You need to be able to gauge that you are moving in the right direction.

Step 3: Set up some deadlines to get things done

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