Why Do You Want More Money?

Let me be clear: I do not want to be rich!  Working as an assistant to a tax attorney, I recognize the financial headaches behind too much disposable income.  BUT I do think that having the security of your needs being met allows you to more freely pursue the passion you have in life; the purpose you feel you are called to.  You could more freely offer your time instead of wondering if you could have made one more connection in the day, if you are witty enough, pretty enough, cool enough for people to notice you and hire you.
My purpose for money is this: I am tired of worrying if my electric bill is going to get paid this month.  I am tired of worrying if there is a school activity coming up that my girl may not be able to partake in.  I want to be able to breathe easier without the noose of what if XYZ does not come through.  To be able to say NO to the crap gigs where I am working for menial wages.  I want freedom.

Action Moment:

Why do YOU want more money?

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