Maybe it is Time to Take up Daydreaming Again

I wonder if you day dreamed as a kid.  What did you dream about?  Have you lost the ability to dream?

The freedom to dream.  The luxury of dreaming. 

  Maybe you chose to stop dreaming.  Enough with goals.  Hope is overrated.  

 Maybe it is about being disappointed.  Your dreams did not come true.  You have to dream new dreams.  But you simply haven't gotten over the disappointment from the last time you try to reach for something you really wanted.  

For me I had to give my heart a breather,  I needed to wait for God to heal me a little bit,.  I had to come to terms with the reality that some of "my" dreams were imposed on me because I was too aimless to come up with a goal.

  So wait to dream again if you need to. Heal. But keep the option open and watch for it... The heart flutter will one day return.

Action Moment:

Are you in a healing stage from a broken dream?  Has enough time passed where you are beginning to feel the heart flutter again? 

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