What Are Your Thoughts Telling You?

Do you have mental discipline? Meaning do you allow every thought that comes into your head run rampant without some sort of censoring process?  

If these thoughts were not censored, what kind of feelings did they manifest?


Take some time today to really pay attention to your thoughts.   

Do they leave you feeling hopeless?
Did they inspire to act on new ideas?
Fill you with gratitude? 

It is amazing how powerful these little silent opinions about your life can be.  Left unchecked, they can be dream killers.   

How do you take thought captive?  You hold it up to the light of reality and assess whether it is grounded in any basis of fact.  Is it true or is this something someone has placed on me?  Possibility it is a limiting thought that I am placing on myself as a safety net to resist change.


Really pay attention today to the feelings your thoughts bring up and how they may be dictating the quality of your life.

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