Tell Me About Your Fears... You have Some Don't You?

Tell me your fears
Have you thought about your fears lately.  What really hinders you from changing something in your life or leaving a situation that is destructive or moving into a new thing that you have been wanting to do.  Moving toward the place you have been meaning to go.  

Many times our choices are draped in fear.  We can agree that fear will always be with us, right?  But I wonder if the same fears that drive you today are the ones that drove you 1 year ago? 5 years ago? 

 Take some time over the next few days and really process this:

  Do your fears have a common theme? 
 Have they evolved over the years?
  Do you see any progression in the fears you face today vs a year ago? 
 Do they revolve around a particular person's expectations of you?

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