Is This Not a Good Time For You? Here's Some Help Figuring out Why

How do you correct negative feelings?

This is such a seemingly simple question.  How you feel is how you feel.  Perception is reality.  Many times I find that when I sit down and get real quiet... real honest with a situation I am able to get at the heart of the matter.   

Pay attention to when you are having these negative feelings.  Pay attention to the people around you, the setting, your mood, the time of year, the day of the week, morning vs evening.   

Really look at the situation like you are an investigative reporter.  

 What do you realize about the situation?

Place those awarenesses against other situations that are causing you incredible stress.

  You may find some simple ways to shift the way you are approaching these types of situations.   

For me if I have am especially difficult week at work,  I simply cannot commit to a social outing until I have some quiet time.  I am simply unable to engage in the situations like this  without feeling extremely depleted.  

 That is a difficult line to draw: self care the way I need to experience it vs the societal norm which is to be ready to socialize at a moment's notice.


What are some realizations that you are having from this exercise?  What realities do you need to acknowledge about your self care?

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