It's Time to Make the Decision to Impact your Surroundings

 Who controls you?

A few months back I COULD FEEL the stress mounting in the office I work in.  We were in the middle of tax season and we were all over worked and tired and attempting to keep a good attitude with each other and a sense of humor about the amount of work that needs to be done.  But each of us at any given time are waiting for the other shoe to drop.  This only works as long as we each are not given one more thing to do.  

Well you know what happened.  Something needed to be done and someone got assigned the task and the emotions flew and the mood shifted and the tense silent set in.  These are the moments where finding joy has to be intentional.  Time for a time out. Yep I think this should be mandatory for us grownups.  Take the walk. Hold the tongue.  Breathe a few deep breaths.  A little mental distance from the stress.  More times than not intentional joy causes the tense situation to be kept in proper perspective: temporary.

Action Moment:
Look for a time this week that you can take a time out and (a) see how that feels for you in the moment when you make that choice (b) be more mindful of the heart shift you feel when take those few moments to breathe

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