Creative Habit #2: You Hear This all the Time but it is true - you just need to take the first little step Forward

The other day I came across an assignment I completed while in school.  For the assignment each person had to find a daily activity and work on it for 30 days.  Some chose beginning an exercise regimen.  Others chose having contemplation time.  I chose being creative for 30 days.  

At the time this type of assignment terrified me.  I had not really thought of myself as a creative person.  I liked to write but when I thought of creativity at that time, it had to do with people who were good at drawing or painting still life; pretty much anything in that realm felt closed off to me.

What I have learned over the years is that really any important change you make in your life starts with a first step.  What each of us needs to get past is that the size of the step does not matter.  The movement is what matters.  And then a subsequent movement.  And then another.  And there may be times where you are at a stand still or that you feel like you are not making any headway at all.  But the beauty of change it that you will always remember not simply the decision that started it all but the action you placed behind the decision.

Is there a change you have been wanting to make?  To become more creative perhaps?  What small step can you take today?
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