Whose Dream is it?

I have begun listening to the archives on Monica Lee's website Smart Creative Women

I go back and forth on listening to these types of podcasts because I am so struck by how many people seemed to have had a bit of an advantage moving into a career as a creative entrepreneur but minimizing that fact a bit.  How many stories have you heard of someone trying to do it with family in tow, no backing from family, refusing to go into credit card debt and no creative community around them. Those are the stories I would like to start hearing about.  

What I have found refreshing about Monica's podcast is that I have stumbled upon a few creative entrepreneurs who did not have the rosy beginnings or who are NOT giving advice such as it's just because I am afraid of having financial abundance in my life.  um.... well I will resist the urge to get snarky.

OK so for this week's Linger question:

The dream that you are working to see come true - have you forgotten whose dream it is?  Are you allowing others to tell you all the must dos to bring it forth, has the dream been pushed and flexed and possibly even gotten so huge that you have forgotten the beauty of why you started to pursue it in the first place? 

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