Artist Spotlight: Kate of KMericks

Artist Bio:
"I am Kate, a mixed media artist and digital illustrator. I aim to inspire with words of wisdom and happy images! I am also a mom, and the joy and innocence I experience everyday through my kiddo shines through my art.

Being a mom has also given me an even greater drive to create art. When a child learns to do something, they repeat it over and over. Because they can, and it delights them. I do art, and it delights me.

I create with the hope that my art brings joy, from My Heart to Your Heart. Each piece of art is crafted individually with a specific message in mind. The pieces can also be combined to create a collection of beautiful thoughts. I think that KMericks art would go well in any room, but the nursery or office seem to be most applicable in my mind.

And just as I help my kiddo grow by learning new things, I help myself grow as a person and artist by trying new things too. So keep popping in, as I am constantly coming up with new ideas!

Lastly, people call me Type A Plus, which means I have lots of energy and attention to detail, so rest assured you are getting my best!

A Gift for YOU:

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